Dutton Self Storage

3371 68th SE, Dutton, MI 49316
Current Customers: 616.698.7090

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1 Stars - 1 Review
No notification, No returned phone calls etc. Just removed our property!
Brad Kriekaard
November 26, 2020
Absolutely Do Not Trust this business!!! The staff are overwhelmed and do not communicate! For over a year we were waiting to make payment because of the fact we tried and tried to reach out to the "office" and never received a billing statement (which was requested more than once) because of discrepancies with amounts due! We have been customers for several years! And now our property is gone and apparently there is no record of us being a customer? Wow! How unprofessional! We are completely in shock at the lack of professionalism! I think it is time to contact the BBB as well as an attorney! Beware folks, keep your documents handy and be prepared to use them!
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